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What’s up in West-Balkans 2009

Posted by AriRusila on 10/02/09

This post was first published in TH!NK ABOUT IT site 9th February 2009. A lot of interesting marches of progress will take or not take place in West Balkans during 2009. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of developments at least in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia (including Kosovo) where the most interesting [...]

EU squanders aid-money by wrong approach in Western Balkans

Posted by AriRusila on 06/11/08

On 5 November 2008 the Commission adopted its annual strategy document explaining its policy on EU enlargement. Furthermore, the 2008 progress reports were published on the same date, where the Commission services monitor and assess the achievements of each of the candidate and potential candidates over the last year.  Regarding Serbia and Kosovo the reports [...]

Bosnia collapsing -followup

Posted by AriRusila on 04/11/08

30th October 2008 I wrote here an article  “Bosnia collapsing”.  Now a short news popped to my eyes from which I would like to share with you.  I quate (Source) : The government of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska, has hired a US law firm to deal with the Office of the High Representative [...]

Two Approaches from Balkans towards Europe

Posted by AriRusila on 22/10/08

Countries in Western Balkans have all some European Perspective.  Slovenia is already in, Croatia is hoping to conclude its EU membership talks by the end of 2009, Macedonia has candidate status, membership applications from Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina are in cue, Serbia (with or without Kosovo or part of that) has the Stabilization and Association [...]

Power in service of ethics

Posted by AriRusila on 14/08/08

During last twenty years war for humanitarian reasons has came quite popular in political vocabulary e.g. in Balkans and now with Georgia case. The ideal to use power in the service of ethics is good. The problem is the low level of ethics when US is using her power in world. I remember their actions [...]

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