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Former Kosovo PM Agim Ceku told reporters on Sunday 26th Oct. 2008, that the government in Priština should declare the northern part of Kosovo “a zone of special interest”. “If this part of Kosovo is declared a zone of special interest, that means presence of state officials of Kosovo must be secured there. Those officials would work there and be the state authority of Kosovo,…, such measures in the Serb-dominated north which rejects Priština’s authority would be “temporary”.

Ceku, who is the leader of the Social Democratic Party, said the Thaci government has no concrete plan to spread its authority in the north. For his part, Ceku did no rule out using force to achieve this. “Use of force is the task of every security organ. I would not say use of violence, but of force, if necessary. The functioning of the state and government in every part of the country is the task of institutions, which have their instruments and powers. Force is one of those powers,” he elaborated.

Ceku’s wish is of course easy to understand in dreamworld he is living in. The fact de jure however is that acording highest international law (UNSC 1244, UN Charter etc.) Kosovo still is under Serbia’s sovereignty, International Court of Justice is giving its opinion about province’s unilateral declaration of independence btw asked by UN General Assembly.

The fact on the ground is that northern part of Kosovo is integrated to Serbia like it allways has been, as well those pats south of Ibar river, which are not ethnically cleansed by Kosovo Albanians. If this self-declared quasi-independent puppet-state wants to start again some new conflict in Balkans lets hope that international community does not go to the same trap than before.

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  1. Interesting commentary Mr. Rusila and I agree with your conclusions. I will have to look at your other writings in the near future.



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