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First let me congratulate you for your landslide winning of US elections. Second please let me inform about one of many short-comings of still present administration – namely Kosovo case.

Few months ago I was reading very interesting interview of John Bolton former UN Ambassador, which highlight was his comment about Kosovo conflict. Quotation:

US recognition of severed Kosovo province was a serious mistake, leading to an escalation of tensions, instead of calming down the situation in the Balkans.

Mr Bolton really hit the nail on the head. I also think that the cause to the main problems in Kosovo is hesitation to admit old mistakes. The solution would be starting from clean table before this mistake is creating even more mess elsewhere.

Year 2008 has showed the chaotic stage of international Kosovo administration. Local administration has been in same situation already earlier due parallel institutions, corruption, ethnic tensions, tribe dynasties etc.

When Albanian majority declared Independence Feb. 2008 the idea was to transfer international administration from UN to EU. However the only internationally accepted resolution 1244 – which says that Kosovo is part of Serbia – stayed valid. So that about independence which in mistake was accepted through some 50 countries.

The unclear situation between UN and EU has now came conflict also between NATO and EU in relation cooperation between Kfor troops and EULEX-mission. Already earlier Kosovo status as special case has served as example to many other ethnic conflicts around the world.

Isn’t it now finally time to confess the made mistakes and start new chapter through local stakeholders instead of quackery by outsiders. I think that the best international crisis management would be to create opportunities for local agreement by means of stick and carrots. This could make it possible to transfer focus from legal nitpicking to long lasting development of economy and democratic process.

The agreement of Kosovo status could be some of the numerous autonomy models, it can be based to federation/union forms, and the outcome can be also partition. The most important element however is, that local stakeholders are making the deal, and the role of international community would be facilitator and guarantor of outcome.

Dear Sir,

I hope on behalf of US and the rest of the world, that you when taking post as next US president will make change to your country foreign policy. Change from narrow-minded short-sighted to long lasting peaceful solutions acceptable to local actors.

I wish all the best to your work and hope you will make a Change.

Kind regards

Ari Rusila


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