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I must make a short addition to my yesterday’s article about Georgia situation, because after writing some new information about events on 7th August 2008 came public e.g. through The New York Times and BBC.
According OSCE monitors on the ground it is now in doubt that some groups from South-Ossetia had provocated Georgia’s attack by firing some Georgian villages. The OSCE monitors did not find any proof about this provocation.

In Tshinvali – South-Ossetian capital – was also three OSCE monitors and they have keeped record about first hours of Georgia’s attack against town. Their records show, that about half of bombings and heavy artillery fire came middle of civil neighborhood without any military targets.

It remains to see if recent demonstrations will start the countdown of President Saakashvili. However latest now also his western orientated allies could start to look other alternatives.

An other aspect with these news about August 7th events bothers me. After three months anglo-american sc. free “investigative” mainstream press is starting to tell what really happened. These facts were in public knowledge immediately through Russian media and latest one month in European continental media (E.g. I wrote an article “OSCE report fault Georgia …” on 3rd September based Der Spiegel article 1st September, Archive:Blog).

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