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There is one dilemma while voting EU elections in Finland. You draw the number of candidate to election ticket which will create the total amount of votes to party the candidate represents. If the Party gets enough votes the most voted candidates in their list will be the next MEPs. The dilemma is that the Candidate and Party can represent total different views and programs.

Election campaign In Finland has demonstrated few examples about cases where there is huge gap between the positions of Candidate and Party. One Candidate from Conservative party published ad which was openly xenophobic even racist so the Party leader forced him withdraw such ads in future. The other Candidate said publicly about clima change, that it is compared to Stalinist hype and it actually is good thing to have a bit warmer climate. Both views are of course almost opposite to Party’s political manifesto.

Some candidates in Finnish “True Finn” party have also expressed their anti-immigrant views while an official party program has only slightly critical immigration views. The point however is that Party leader explains the difference noting views of Candidate to be individual not representing the official Party view.

The political parties in Finland have been collecting all kind of publicly known persons to their list to maximize party support assuming that the dumb common herd will vote when it sees familiar picture in election ad. So what are you voting – a Party or a Candidate? It seems that it is nearly lottery who is representing your views in EP. The situation is more clear in countries where the Party decides the order of Candidates in their list because then one could assume persons top of list implement mostly party program and values.

BTW recent gallup was asking who is the favourite Candidate in Finland. After top popular euro sceptic “True Finn” leader the Prime minister and Foreign minister got places two and three. Both ministers are not candidates. But maybe the public knows best – the ministers are making real decisions while the circus in Strassbourg is only for show.

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