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From Finland came 13 MEPs, 3 Conservatives, 3 from Center party, 2 Social democrats, 2 greens, and one from True Finn party, Swedish party and Christian Democrats. The turnout was 40,2 % which was nearly one % less than during previous election 2004. As I was following elections in Belgrade -or honestly not-following due the reason that I had there more interesting events – I don’t make any deeper analysis. Here some trivia anyway for Th!nkers and other Th!nk readers:

  • all three biggest parties lost a MEP
  • Euro-skeptic “True Finn” party leader got landslide victory with 130 432 votes; he is famous about anti-EU and popular slogans and party also has supporters from xenophobic and even racist circles
  • The next biggest support with 80 007 votes got dismissed ex-PM from Center Party
  • The third place went to Orthodox priest dismissed from his job as he participated secular elections, likes vine and drives red Alfa Romeo, he was selected from list of Social Democrats but is not party member
  • From top three MEPs one is catholic, one orthodox and one protestant while in Finland some 80 % of population is member of protestant Church
  • Finnish center left or left wing got instead of previous four MEPs now only two; and from them one is not party member and second represents with her Nato enthusiasm party’s right wing
  • Two Finnish MEPs are dismissed party leaders, one is dismissed vice party chairman, one is dismissed minister and two have been athletics at international or national level
  • From three ex party leader of Greens two was selected, last one not
  • The campaign budget of the winner – True Finn leader – was 9 500 €, so one vote for him cost 0,07 €
  • Seven candidates had campaign budget over 100 000 € – none was selected; worst candidate wasted 110 000 €, got 9 815 votes, so he invested 11,21 € per vote without success
  • The oldest candidate – 89 years from Senior party – got one vote more than his age

So this kind of team is hanging around Brussels in coming years, probably they can not do more good or harm than previous MEPs and no one probably gets any important tasks inside their groups. More interesting is if the trends of this EP elections are repeating themselves in next national elections in Finland or not.

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