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Captured Pseudo-State Kosovo

“We Bombed The Wrong Side” (General Lewis Mackenzie) In my previous articles I have portrayed Kosovo with quite dark colours. I have summarized Kosovo “as Serbian province, occupied and now international protectorate administrated by UN Kosovo mission; as quasi-independent pseudo-state has good change to become next “failed” or “captured” state; today’s Kosovo is already safe-heaven… » read more

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Follow-Up: Organ Trafficking

As one response to my earlier article “New Cannibalism in Europe too?” I got a quite good overall description about the problem published in Online Nursing Programs Net on 1st Sep 2009. As follow-up I would like to forward article “10 Truly Shocking Facts about Organ Trafficking” as follows: Its rare to find a person… » read more

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This post was first published in TH!NK ABOUT IT site 2nd March 2009. Market economy and free trade are the prevailing trend in today’s developed countries. One drastic phenomenon of its darker side is known as “medical apartheid” or the “New Cannibalism”. One of those cases in Europe got more light last week, when new… » read more

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